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You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Gary Wille's Auto & Tire Center:


I have been using Gary Wille's to service my vehicles since I've moved to Oregon (5 years). Staff are professional, helpful and friendly. They offer electronic results from check-ups that I find to be very helpful. As long as I'm in Oregon I'll be using Gary Wille's!


Quick, efficient and great communication!


We have always had a great experience at Gary's! It is really nice having a mechanic in town that you can trust. Those are very hard to come by! Gary's always goes above and beyond to help us and we really appreciate it. Tyler has amazing costumer service and is great to work with. They are honest and trustworthy. We would 100% recommended them.


Expectations were blown away by the job of these boys. My car has never stopped so well!


Have been going here for years. Great service and good quality repairs. Highly recommend them. Very honest and have never recommended things I don't need.


We've always been very happy with the service our vehicles have received!! And always in a timely manner. Thanks so much for always being there for us!


Excellent service, very friendly staff.


Honest and friendly family business. Repairs are suggested but they dont tell us we need them all done at once. They inform us of the condition of the vehicle, telling us what can wait vs what needs to be taken care of. When something should be repaired pictures are taken, to show you what needs repair. Will email it if you wish. If you have ever felt uncomfortable with the person at the sevice desk Tyler will put you at ease. We have moved to Madison, but still prefer going to Gary Willie's Auto & Tire in Oregon.


Excellent Customer Service! Wouldn't you know, flat tire on a Wednesday evening on the way home from work. I had plans to leave for the rest of week for a trip up north. Tyler had the spare tire on in 5 minutes and sent me on my way. Called on Monday, and he's got me a loaner set up for Tuesday! Pretty sure I stumbled on a gold mine for top notch service!


We just recently started taking our vehicles to Gary Wille's Auto and have been very impressed with the service we've received. They've provided comprehensive reviews of the vehicle conditions and laid out the options for us to decide on what we'd like done and what can slide for a while. Photo documentation is provided (by email and text message) of the items they've checked - something I've never received at other service centers. Prices are reasonable and communication is great.


A local tire place that has very good service and reasonable prices.


I had a broken valve stem on my tire, and needed the work done 30+ miles from my typical place. Thankfully I was pointed at Gary Willes by my good samaritan, and they were able to get it in same day and done by the time I needed to head home. They went above and beyond in my opinion, and have more than earned further business from me.


I want to thank Tyler and everyone at Gary Willes for getting my Ford Focus in and out in a timely fashion. Everyone was very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. They even offered a loaner. I will definitely be referring other people.


This is a small family run shop. The owner was caring and sincere. He took a genuine interest in everyone that walked in the door. He took the time to explain things, and offer proactive advice. I?m definitely coming back and recommending him to friends and family.


Thanks for the sound advice! I felt very comfortable with working with you. You have my trust.


Highly recommend Gary Willie's to anyone who wants their car fixed without the BS. Keep reading to see why I feel their customer service is outstanding... Just like anyone else, I wanted to find a place that wouldn't push me to do unnecessary repairs or drain my wallet. My first visit was just for a tire leak check and oil change, but they created a full workup (with pictures) of recommendations they would make for my car repairs. They were clear about the urgency of each item and Tyler went through them with me in an educational manner - never pushy. He asked what my goal was with the car (which is 14 years old at this point) and how long I wanted to keep it. When I said I wanted to keep it as long as possible, he made clear recommendations on what he would do and let us go. We loved their communication, politeness, no BS business practices, and thorough look at our car. My husband and I decided to pull the trigger on all the recommended repairs to keep the car running smoothly. When I forgot to pick up my car by closing time on a Friday, Tyler called. I immediately realized I lost track of time and told him I could be there in 5 minutes (using the loaner car they gave me). He was not only INCREDIBLY gracious to my scatter-brained self, he took the time to ask if I was feeling better... My husband must have mentioned that I was sick the day before when dropping off the car. Either way, he remembered and it meant a lot. My husband and I are both business owners. THIS is the exact type of small touch and customer service that will absolutely make us loyal to Tyler and Gary Willie's for life! Thank you so much for keeping my car safe / running and for your kind customer service! If you're looking for a place to take your car, I honestly couldn't recommend them enough.


Very fast and friendly service. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


Great service. Thorough inspection.


Good people. Great service!


Friendly, knowledgeable, cute little dog, highly recommend!


Our family has been extremely pleased with our experience here. Family operated business which takes pride in what they do. From the moment I first walked in, I felt welcomed. I am always greeted with a warm smile. Tyler especially is an absolute pleasure. I am a motor sport enthusiast and could immediately tell they know their business. We will be coming back for years to come. I highly recommend them!


Old fashioned great service. I had a flat tire and low tire on the way to work. I pulled in and they looked at it right away. I ended up using their loaner car to get to work. I really appreciated the responsiveness of Tyler and David, which resulted in me being only slightly delayed getting to work. Great Service!


SO HELPFUL! SO NICE! SO PROFESSIONAL! Thank you for your quick turnaround and amazing customer service!!!


A true class act! Best customer service I have ever received. Bit just at a shop but literally EVER! This is backed up by their expert technicians doing what they do best! These guys are the best, bottom line.


The service was very thorough and their diagnostic email explaining what they looked at was outstanding. Tyler did a great job letting me know what was needed to be done right away and what could wait. The service was friendly and there wasn't a lot of pressure. I'll definitely be going back


Always had great service, and direct honest advice. Recently, my wife took the minivan there as a horrible screech was coming from the front tire. In one minute they discovered a nut had been stored in the wheel by a stray squirrel. Instant fix and off you go!


I had a flat tire yesterday while running errands in Stoughton. My car was towed to a mechanic in Stoughton that was unable to repair my tire. My vehicle was then towed to Gary Wille's. Tyler and staff were very prompt and professional to make sure my tire was replaced. I even received a call this morning to make sure the tire held air throughout the evening and morning today . Top notch service !


Everyone at Gary Willes is great! I love how thorough the inspection was, and really appreciate the attention to detail and every update I received. it really put my mind at ease knowing my car was in such great hands.


Speedy, efficient, courteous, reasonably priced. Couldn't ask for more


I have always had good service. I have been rescued by them when my car has been broke down. They either have given me a ride to where I needed to go or give me a loaner vehicle. The shop is always clean. The mechanics are up to date with continued education and my car has always been fixed right the first time. Highly recommend this shop.


Thanks so much for recycling my batteries, squeezing me in for a tail light bulb, and being so nice to my dog! He loved you all!


I need to tell y'all about my heroes today. My tires on my trailer were a bit low and it wasn't noticed until I got a full load of donated supplies on and things were squatting pretty hard. All the gas station air pumps were too weak for what I needed, so in Oregon, WI I found Gary Wille's Auto and Tire center. When I got there everyone was at lunch except sweet Misty. She was at the front desk. She said she could get the hose pulled out if I could back into the shop. As I was getting that done some of the guys came back from lunch. We talked about what I was doing in Wisconsin. I was here from Texas bringing horses up to family land and I was taking donations back for hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We talked about the devastation of the Texas coast and how the people in Oregon had already sent 5 semi trucks of supplies to Texas for relief. One asked if my truck needed anything and I remembered I really needed wipers and washer fluid. I had realized I was out while on the way up from TX. They went to fill the washer fluid and it was already full. Odd, the fluid wasn't working. Quickly they figured out it was the pump and before I knew it they'd called NAPA, went and got the part, replaced it, put new wipers on, topped off my oil and had all my ties aired up to the right pressure. This was all in about 30min. I was so thankful. When I asked how much I owed them, they said "nothing, you get this stuff safely to Texas. You are doing a great thing and we are glad to help." When I begged them to at least let me give them money for the part, they refused. These here, these are good people. Thank y'all so much. I can't tell you how moved I was by your generosity and caring nature as you went over my rig like I was a family member you were sending off.


Recently we had both of our vehicles serviced @ Gary Wellies Auto and tire center. The vehicle we were driving had a smell of burning rubber, and being unfamiliar with the area we asked at the hardware store where was a good auto repair center. They told us Gray Wellies was a good place to get our car repaired. Tyler the service manager looked at the car and said they could fix but since it was Friday they would not be able to do it until Monday. They gave us a detailed list of what was wrong with it. The car was ready on the promised day. We were so impressed with their service that we took our other vehicle to them to have the breaks repaired. Being dog people Bailey made a good impression on us. We were impressed at the quality of the work. Dave the owner, Tyler, Misty and the employees had a very professional attitude. We would recommend Gary Willies Auto & Tire to anyone.


Highly recommend Gary Wille's Auto & Tire Center. Very professional and great service.


I ABSOLUTELY recommend Gary Wille's Auto and Tire Service. They treated me with the utmost respect . I can't tell you how refreshing it is to deal with a business that values their integrity and reputation more than money. I get they are in business to make money, but they understand that there is a right way to make that profit, and I appreciate that very much!


I've been a customer of Gary Wille's Auto and Tire Center for nearly 20 years. I have ALWAYS been treated professionally and courteously. The service provided at Wille's is outstanding! I recommend them without reservation.


Exceptional customer service by Tyler and Hunter. Got my tire fixed quickly, reasonable pricing and you get to pet the cat too. Well done gentlemen. Quality experience, I recommend wholeheartedly. These young guys shake your hand, look you in the eye, and get things done. The old fashion way.


I've had my vehicle serviced exclusively at Gary Wille's for the last two years. Tyler is always very friendly and even calls me by name the moment I walk through the door. They're very practical and fair with their recommended maintenance, telling you what you SHOULD have done, and what you NEED to have done. They've always checked with me prior to completing work if additional work is needed on my vehicle beyond what I brought it in for. I trust these guys completely. They've always met my expectations and they're a local small business which is a plus in my book.


After realizing I had a leak in my tire, I drove right to the shop and received amazing customer service! They were so friendly, efficient, and even gave me a loaner car to get back home while my car was being serviced. I had my car back promptly! I highly recommend Gary Wille's Auto & Tire Center!!


I have never been treated so well before by an auto repair shop in my life. They went out of their way to help me in more than one way. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable, fair, and above all kind. They will have my business for life big or small. I truly appreciate these people so much.


Top notch customer service. Spent the time to educate me on my vehicle services and tires. This is refreshing rather then just getting handed a bill with no explanation. Highly Recommend


Got stranded on the side of the road outside of town. AAA recommended this place and I know why they did! Friendly service, let me rest inside with my dog, efficient at taking a look at my car. A+


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